Storage (Nas & San)

Crosswords offer powerful Nas server with upgradeable RAM and software that is easy to use with added security. We provide you with the affordable, flexible Nas storage that scales to accommodate your intentional growth and adapts automatically when the unexpected happens to keep you up and running.

Organizations look for best and reliable data storage methods which can be managed and controlled within their established network systems. Nas servers solutions allow the organization and home computer systems to store and retrieve the data in bulk amount at an affordable price. It is by far the easiest type of storage networking to implement.

The Nas storage backup and recovery solution UAE provided by us is easy to manage with rich features including support for solid state drives. Get a directly attached Nas storage to extend your servers, Nas appliances for file sharing and flexible shared storage arrays for physical and virtual applications.

We provide you with the most advanced flash-optimized Nas storage system on the planet with smaller budgets. Nas storage provides you with Terabytes of space instantly accessible to anyone over a standard Ethernet connection. We have simple affordable storage solutions for small sites and remote offices that have to compete on a bigger scale.

Crosswords provide you with Nas server that delivers enterprise-class service and allow you to start small and scale into the future. Our down to price and simplicity level Nas storage capabilities can benefit nearly every organization in the market for shared storage.