Power Supply

Crosswords provide comprehensive uninterruptible power supply maintenance program to both small as well as large enterprises. Whatever be the need of your power backup system, our routine maintenance service provides the around the clock peace of mind.

Power interruptions can last anywhere from a few seconds to several hours or more. They often strike without warning. Thus, plunging homes and business into darkness, lost materials, and lost production time. For many businesses, round the clock availability is important.

Crosswords generators suppliers in UAE offer full service maintenance on all UPS power backup systems including both emergency service and preventative maintenance. Our technicians are available 24*7 for any emergency service. They schedule regular preventative maintenance inspection on the UPS batteries. Being the best UPS backup supplier, we provide regular inspections essential to ensure that your power backup system works when you need it most.

Regular energy surges cause fluctuations and irregularities that can adversely affect your equipment and data. Crosswords UPS backup supplier provides you with a clean, consistent and uninterruptible power supply that protects your enterprise against these effects. We provide the UPS backup with both single phase and triple phase configuration powered by an array of batteries. It also refines the quality of power that reaches your building, offices or equipment.

Our uninterruptible power supply system with a UPS power backup kicks in alternate power when needed. Thus, eliminating glitches or surges and allows time to safely shut down the main system when required. Get the best cost effective UPS system from Crosswords.