Our Expertise

For over 13 years, we have been providing exclusive, highly professional, top class hardware, software and system integrated solutions to individuals, businesses, and cooperate organization all over Africa and UAE. We dedicate all available resource, manpower, and technical expertise to the execution of your project. We handle every project with an outstanding level of commitment.
In addition, we undertake and ensure that excellent results that will surpass your expectations are delivered. You can always count on us to handle all your technology needs to the best of our capabilities. No wonder we have been recognized as one of the topmost, leading hardware, software and system integrated solutions provider around the globe. Some of the services and various IT solutions provided by us include:

Hardware & software distribution & deployment

Give a reliable company like us the opportunity to handle the distribution and deployment of the hardware and software used by your business. We are a leading large-scale supplier and distributor of all it hardware including desktops, laptops, servers, workstations, managed catalyst switches, and network switches.
Furthermore, we can also provide you with fiber cables and accessories, software & licensing, access points, routers, patch panels, network cable, printers, copiers, cctv systems, access control systems, intrusion alarms, and various other it & networking equipment and accessories.
Above all, we do not compromise on our integrity. We only supply you with top quality, industry standard it hardware, networking equipment, and accessories. They will definitely serve your it needs for years to come.

Data center solutions

Setting up a data center requires a lot of financial commitment. You cannot afford to go wrong. This is why you need the expertise of a well-experienced it company like us. We are dedicated to providing the ultimate solution to the data center challenges faced by different types of organizations.
We empower enterprises to focus on their core competencies by delivering the right it service levels. We also provide it infrastructure quickly to support new business initiatives. Through this, we help many business and organizations reduce operational costs, lowering environmental impact, and ensuring it compliance with legislation and regulations. We are the perfect fit to offer you the ideal data center solution for your business.

Structured cabling

In addition, we also deliver excellent structured cabling services. We build campus telecommunications cabling infrastructure for organizations of different size. Our team of well-experienced experts will handle the design, installation, and maintenance of custom structured wiring systems.
We also provide top-notch cabling design and installation services. We can map out the wiring of structured cables for data or voice communications that will be used by data centers, offices, and apartment buildings. We make use of high-quality cat 5e or cat6 cables and modular sockets to deliver our structured cabling services. With us, your cabling for data or voice communications is in the best hands.

Furthermore, we also provide installation, design, and maintenance of all aspects of osp / isp copper and fiber optic cabling infrastructures. With this, your business will be able to achieve the optimal bandwidth needed for the smooth running of your business operations. We are the leading channel partner of service providers in the middle east region, covering their outsourced technical activities related to service provisioning.

Networking solution

Every year, thousands of dollars are lost by a lot of businesses as a result of business downtime caused by network challenges. Save yourself from a headache that comes with a business downtime by allowing a competent company like us provide your networking solutions.
We provide cost-effective networking solutions based on your company’s capacity, usage, general requirements, and budget. One of the main goals of network management is to make operations more efficient and operators more productive. We are always ready to offer you top-notch networking solutions that will help achieve both your short and long-term business goals.

Wireless solutions

Wireless networks are used for a variety of applications, enabling corporations to have complete control over its it and communications services. These networks are used extensively for data exchange applications like erp and corporate e-mail etc, video conferencing, voice and remote surveillance systems. We are always ready to offer you excellent, topnotch wireless solutions needed for the smooth running of your business.

Power solutions

Every business needs an uninterrupted power supply to avoid business downtime. However, in the event of a power failure, you will need a reliable backup power solution. We provide a range of uninterruptible power supply (ups) products, which allow systems to keep running for short time periods when the primary power source is lost.
Our backup power solutions are highly reliable and can keep your systems running until power is restored. We also provide protection from power surges. We believe that in today’s world, there is no room for downtimes that result from interrupted power supplies or outages. This is why we offer a selection of ups power solutions. The days of getting worried over power outages are finally over. With us, your business can keep running for all day long with interruptions.


In a technical sense, a server is an instance of a computer program that accepts and responds to requests made by another program, known as a client. Less formally, any device that runs server software could be considered a server as well. Servers are used to manage network resources. For example, a user may set up a server to control access to a network, send/receive e-mail, manage print jobs, or host a website.
Our experts are highly knowledgeable when it comes to serves. We can help set up the ideal server solution for your business. Through this, you can comfortably manage your network resources and make the same data available for different departments in your organization. You can always count on us to provide you with the most reliable, and affordable server solution for your business.

Storage (nas & san)

Save cost and improve interconnectivity by opting for a reliable storage solution. We offer networked storage solutions that help businesses and organizations save on costs and improve their interconnectivity.
What’s more, our storage solutions are designed to meet the capacity, performance and availability requirements of all your business applications. Whether your applications are run using a virtualized or nonvirtualized environment, our storage solutions are perfect for you. We are always ready to tailor our services based on the specific needs of your company.


Virtualization involves running two or more operating system on a particular machine. Virtualization has helped a lot of businesses to increase it agility, flexibility, and scalability while creating significant cost savings. This method replicates the behavior of specific software components in cloud-based and api-driven applications, most useful in the product or service testing.
We provide you with excellent virtualization solutions that will cater for all your business operations that involve using specific operating systems. Rather than buying new hardware every time you will like to run particular operating systems, you can always count on us to deliver top class, flexible, and reliable virtualization solutions.

Utm & firewall

Provide your business network from any form of unauthorized access using our unified threat management and firewall solutions. We offer the latest next-gen firewall protection to protect your business’s network from unauthorized intrusions.
Our unified threat management (utm) offers a more advance, highly reliable technique to security management. This is an evolution of the traditional firewall, as it allows an administrator to monitor a wide variety of securityrelated applications & infrastructure component through a single console.
When you make use of our unified threat management and firewall solutions, you will be giving your company’s network the best form of protection it deserves. With this, you can be rest assured that all your important information and data are well protected against any form of unauthorized intrusions.

Endpoint protection

Detect zero-day threats in real-time and remediate advanced attacks using our dependable endpoint protection. We offer you highly reliable endpoint protection solutions through which even the slightest threat can be detected and dealt with immediately before causing any form of harm to your systems.
Our endpoint protection suites emphasize integration, automation, and orchestration as the foundation of the threat defense lifecycle. The solution will harness the power of machine learning to detect zero-day threats in near real-time.
Furthermore, the solution also streamlines the ability to quickly expose and remediate advanced attacks. The level of protection and response to attack offered by the endpoint protection suites is second to none. This is definitely one of the best protection you can give your system. Our endpoint protection suites remain a must have for each and every business.

Unified threat protection

Unified threat protection makes it possible for organizations to implement multiple layers of protection without the complexity of several independent devices and management consoles. We provide you with top class unified threat protection solutions that will provide a unified later of protection for all your devices and systems.
Some functions offered by our unified threat protection solution include next-generation firewall, web content filtering, email antivirus and antispam, web application firewall, and endpoint security management. With our unified threat protection solutions, your system, software, and everything involved are well secured and protected.

Proxy solutions

Furthermore, we also provide top class proxy solutions for your business needs. Our extremely fast, secure and highly private anonymous proxies offer proxy services which ips can originate from various countries.
We offer highly anonymous, secure private proxy services which use ssl and other enhancements to ensure the fastest available experience, that is also extremely secure. You can always count on us to provide you with the ideal proxy solution that is reliable, safe, and very secure.

Cctv solutions

Keep a close eye on your home or every aspect of your business. Our cctv solutions remain the best security and surveillance system solution you can get for your business. We offer one of the best selections of security solutions to meet your business requirements and budget.
What’s more, we carry a variety of high-quality cctv cameras, access control systems, time and attendance systems and ip cameras. Our experts are highly experienced and are capable of providing you with cctv related services including installation, repairs, and maintenance.

Access controls

Furthermore, we also provide comprehensive physical access control solutions to secure your facilities, assets, networks and cloud resources. Our physical access control solutions are designed to deliver sophisticated security solutions that secure your facilities, assets, networks and cloud resources. Whenever you are in need of top-class access control solutions, you can always count on us to get the job done. We guarantee you excellent services.

Gate barriers

How best do you intend to intend your facility? Barrier gates are generally used in parking lots and garages. They are also used in many commercial applications such as airports and public facilities. These units can be operated automatically by the card reader, keypad, telephone entry system, or manually controlled within the kiosk.
We provide you with reliable and highly secure gate barrier solution that will ensure that your warehouses, parking lots, garages, doors are well secured. Only individuals that possess the required key access card will be able granted access into the building. This will ensure the safety of good, items, belongings, and property within the facility.

Security solutions

Annually, thousands of dollars are lost to security breaches. Save your business from any security breach using our top class security solutions. Anytime there is a need for you to protect or secure people and physical assets, we are always ready to assist you.
We offer a full range of surveillance, access, fire, building automation and building management solutions. We are always ready to deliver adequate security solutions based on your budget and business needs.
For all the solutions that we offer, we support you with design layout, installation, testing, commissioning, and maintenance. With us, you are guaranteed to get the best form of protection for your residential, commercial, and industrial building.

Intrusion alarm & antitheft alarm

Secure your facility against any form of intrusion or theft with our dependable intrusion alarm & antitheft alarm systems. We offer you a comprehensive solution that will help secure your facilities, assets, networks and cloud resources.
Furthermore, our alarm systems are highly function and reliable. You will be notified immediately there is a security breach of any kind in your facility. This is definitely another high-level of protection for your items, belongings, and resources. We can also provide you with additional services including repairs, installation, and maintenance of the alarm systems. Everything will be done to ensure that your alarm systems are in optimum working conditions.

Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions

Data backup is the act of storing a copy of files or data to a separate storage location so that in the event those files are lost or damaged, they can be restored. Disaster recovery is the act of restoring those files and data.

Cloud Solutions

It is a method for delivering information technology (IT) services in which resources are retrieved from the Internet through web-based tools and applications, as opposed to a direct connection to a server.