Office 365

Crosswords help you to engage and work better with new communication and collaboration tools and features of office 365. Our team of Microsoft Office 365 consultants recommends you with plans for email migration to cloud. Based on your need, our professional experts can advise, plan and deploy to provide you with both remote and on-site support.

If you choose not to back up your file, you end up losing important data. Have a peace of mind, knowing that your files are securely backed up and easily recovered. Thus, allowing you to access your data and work efficiently from any device anywhere at any time. Also, it allows you to easily share your documents with others inside and outside your organization and control who can edit and see every file.

As a complete end-to-end Office 365 business provider, Crosswords can manage your services in cloud and build, secure reliable networks. Our Office 365 business availability services will keep you working at all the time.

As one of the UAE largest Office 365 business providers, not only we deploy Microsoft Office 365 onto your devices but also provide the device and its Internet connectivity to create a complete network solution.

Increase your business impact and expand your reach with Office 365 premium powered by the cloud – a must have tool for business today. Store, sync, and share your files online through Office 365 business premium so that they are always up to date and secured.