Intrusion Alarm & Antitheft Alarm

We offer Intrusion Alarm and Antitheft Alarm security system designed to detect intrusion or unauthorized access into your building or specific area. Crosswords provide you with high-level of protection for your items, belongings, and resources. Our alarm system portfolio includes intelligent detectors with false alarm immunity, panels with more power, and easy to use keypads.

The Crosswords intrusion alarm system UAE is the combination of smart sensors coupled with an intelligent algorithm which can distinguish between the actual and fake theft. It immediately notifies the user with the necessary details like geographic locations, time stamp, and state of the device while theft occurred. We help protect commercial, residential and public properties against any burglary or any property damage.

The Intrusion Alarm and Antitheft Alarm system detects unauthorized entry through one or multiple sensors. It triggers a warning signal by alerting a home device to indicate any kind of intrusion.

Our alarm security system consists of an electronic immobilizer offering the maximum protection against the theft. It gives audio and visuals warning signals striking the attention of the passers-by and deterring the potential threat.

Crosswords intrusion alarm system supplier and anti theft system supplier in Dubai can help you thwart a burglary. When someone tries to intrude into your home or office, it will generate an alarm which will help secure your assets, facilities, networks, and cloud resources.