Gate Barriers

The Gate barriers provided by one of the best gate barrier supplier in Dubai are a perfect solution for customers who care for the enhanced security of their premises or property. Also, for whom the vehicle access control is crucial.

Gate barriers are continually evolving due to its versatility. They are generally used to control the vehicle access at the entry and exit gates. They can be used for various applications and operations. We design the gate barriers after extensive research so as to deliver the best in terms of operation and maintenance.

For more than a decade, Crosswords gate barrier supplier in Dubai delivers its own customer proven barriers for small to multi-story car parks, industrial and hospital premises, private and company premises, hotel, toll stations, tunnels, motorways, and other application areas.

Crosswords provide you with the automatic gate barrier that can be distinguished by high technical standards and long service life. They allow the installers for easy maintenance as well as helping in diagnosing the problems of the barrier.

Crosswords gate barrier supplier in Dubai design the Gate barriers which could cover the access points between 2-6 meters in residential locations and traffic/car management and up to 8 meters for industrial installations. Our products for residential, commercial and industrial buildings are one step ahead, guaranteeing the highest level of comfort, security, and reliability. Crosswords stand tall on the expectation and needs of the people in delivering all variants of automatic gate barrier.