Endpoint Protection

Crosswords provide the world’s most advanced Endpoint protection through detection and response, deception and adaptation. Our Endpoint protection helps protect your business network through monitoring status, software and other activities for safeguarding various endpoints of the server and from different types of security threats.

There has been a sharp increase in a number of devices stolen or loss of sensitive data from the enterprises. Any device which gets connected to your network poses a considerable danger to your systems.

Our Endpoint protection solutions prevent misuse of any data connected to the network. It employs a server/client model which protects the various endpoints of your organization. It can detect and responds to threat anywhere by integrating the endpoint security with network security infrastructure. We focus on maximizing your protection with the help of advanced machine learning.

Crosswords secure every aspect of the network through application whitelisting, machine learning, emphasize integration and automation, network access control, and endpoint detection. We install this endpoint security software on individual endpoint devices and performance logs. Regular alerts are sent to the centralized administration server for continuous evaluation and analysis.

There is certainly no limit to Crosswords Endpoint protection security. It can secure enterprises which are larger and much more complex to handle. We go a long way in securing your business network against various evolving security threats of today. With the ability to quickly expose and remediate advanced attacks makes it a must have security feature for each and every business.