Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions

Crosswords is an enterprise-class cloud backup solutions and disaster recovery solutions providers. We provide single, integrated approach to data protection using less network and storage resources. We also offer backup efficiencies thus allowing enterprises to capture less, and ingest less.  Thus, reducing the amount of backup assets you buy, manage, and maintain.

Backup is not a luxury but a requirement for both big and small companies. Whether it is your internal documents, marketing data or transactional data – all need to be protected. Losing data is a disaster and can cause hazardous consequences if not restored in reasonable time.

We deliver comprehensive assured disaster recovery services for physical and virtual environment with our cloud backup solutions. We replicate your systems, storage and installed software onto an on-premises appliances and one of our cloud data centers. We can restart your servers in case of any outrage so that you can continue providing your services without any fail.

Let it be a single file, a database or an entire server, our disaster recovery solutions ensures that your business keeps running. Our experts can advise you so that you can meet your exact requirements in terms of technology, budget, recovery point, and time objectives.

Additionally, our software offers privacy and encryption capabilities to all backed up and archived data. You can ensure availability of your critical data with fully integrated, fast and secure cloud backup data disaster recovery services.