Cloud Email Security Solutions

Crosswords cloud email security uses the Advanced Classification Engine (ACE) to identify threats ranging from annoying spam to advanced malware, phishing and Business Email Compromise (BEC) attacks. Our advanced capabilities detect data theft concealed in custom encrypted files or images, even when transmitted in small amount to evade detection.

With the 91% of hacking attacks starting as email attacks, cloud email security has become the top priority for every organization. Crosswords will protect your business from email threats with sophisticated defenses including machine learning, cloud sand boxing and time-of-click link protection features. As, we provide cloud email security protection against routine threats by delivering the secure email filtering service.

Our cloud email security deliver always on, always up-to date protection by eliminating the complexity and cost of on-premises offerings. As secure email providers, we also deliver flexible and granular email security control.

We identify the high-risk user behavior through our rich data collection capability. To identify infected systems and suspicious user behavior, we can quickly generate a report on indicators of compromise. Our services include control device access to the emails attachments by preventing access to the sensitive email attachment and permitting full access to secured managed devices.

Crosswords can provide you with exceptional email threat protection with the help of our expert threat intelligence team. Improve your system performance and security by Crosswords advanced email filtering service before they reach your network.